There’s a life threatening aftereffect of reproduce, sex, members of the family, many years and you may real time weight into the cows tick burden

There’s a life threatening aftereffect of reproduce, sex, members of the family, many years and you may real time weight into the cows tick burden

Presses has a negative effect on milk and meats cows production solutions international, to the concomitant risk they represent for the transmission of a few essential infectious disease. Colombian cows breeds was distributed across the additional agroecological nations and they are met with various other environment demands. Inside the moist and you may hotter weather such as those regarding tropics, tick load as well as heat be concerned are important products that will compromise livestock performance. The aim of this study were to characterize tick burden inside the four Colombian cattle breeds and you can gauge the relationships between heat stress and you may tick burden in Bos taurus cattle less than exotic conditions. Tick counting try used for the 1332 cattle of Romosinuano (ROMO), Costeno ripoff Cuernos (CCC), San Martinero (SM) and you will Blanco Orejinegro (BON) types, found in the Caribbean, Orinoquia and Andean nations. Vital cues and you can environmental details was indeed brought to assess an flexibility list (AI) and a temperature dampness directory (THI). An enthusiastic AI 75.


Show presented a varying distribution of presses on your body out-of individuals that varied depending on the agroecological part. A low tick burden is actually noticed in the fresh new ROMO reproduce (twelve.8 ± dos.6), because highest tick weight was noticed in CCC (30.8 ± dos.3), which have been found in the exact same agroecological area. SM and you may ROMO animals which have an AI > dos got a top tick load than simply their counterparts which had a keen AI


Ticks are bloodsucking ectoparasites you to live by the feeding towards the blood of different companion pets, creatures and you will animals types. Ticks are important in warmer, wetter habitats in which they are able to apply at farming production if not acceptably managed . Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus try a financially very important tick widely delivered throughout the southern area hemisphere as well as in the fresh new south claims of the Us, and acts as good vector toward indication away from babesiosis and you will anaplasmosis . Rhipicephalus microplus is the tick toward highest negative monetary perception on the animal meat and you may milk products cattle markets from Central and you will South The usa, and you will Australia [3, 4]. In Colombia, R. microplus could have been stated a number of divisions along the Caribbean, the newest Andean as well as the Orinoquia nations .

Financial loss when you look at the buradan siteye bir gГ¶z atД±n plagued cows are caused by skin lesions, therapy can cost you, loss associated with signal off tick-borne disorder, while the direct bad effect on creature productivity [4, 6]. For the Bos taurus cows, for every engorging women tick accounts for the common death of 1.37 ± 0.twenty-five grams out of body weight for each and every private, during B. taurus ? B. indicus crosses, that it well worth could have been estimated once the 1.18 ± 0.21 grams/engorging tick. It body weight losings isn’t only due to the bloodstream losses for the reason that presses, also on account of urges inhibition and you may quicker feed consumption, which could account fully for approximately 65% of the fat despair. Additionally, changes out-of metabolic details and you may dysfunctional digestive by interference having regular abomasal outflow included in experimentally plagued cows signify the end result of loss of blood to the returns just shows you throughout the twenty five% of your overall weight losings .

Temperature is one of many issues controlling tick delivery due so you can their regulatory impact on the fresh new tick existence-duration . Changes in environmental conditions possess an optimistic otherwise negative impression on tick burdens and on the new emotional temperatures regulation systems of plagued cattle . Multiple indicator have been designed to monitor the warmth be concerned position in almost any animals species. The heat-dampness list (THI) combines the results of air temperature and humidity of number of thermal worry . Most other indicator such as for instance Benezra’s coefficient out of versatility (AI) and/or Iberia temperatures endurance take to make up important cues from inside the animals for example rectal temperature and you will breathing price.

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