SBL Human Foundation is a non-profit organization, born out of the vision of SBL Corp to provide needy people with opportunities to live healthier and more prosperous lives. We are committed to contributing to the society with the aim of creating a world of peace, tolerance, and equality, in which poverty is eradicated.

Our Vision

Create a more humane world by finding sustainable solutions to poverty, illiteracy, and unfair treatment of the weaker sections like children and the elderly.

Our Mission

To empower and transform people and communities by providing them with opportunities to break free of poverty and oppression.

Our Projects

Our humanitarian services cover education, heath, medicines, food supplies, and housing to the needy


Our organization offers resources to children who are underprivileged.


In our efforts to help children who need it most, we strive to provide them ...

Poverty Alleviation

As an NGO devoted to alleviating poverty, we provide health care ...

Veteran and Elderly Support

We are a non-profit organization that takes care of the elderly and veterans

About us

About SBL Human Foundation

SBL Human Foundation is the CSR wing of SBL Corp, a leading knowledge organization headquartered in India.

The movement is motivated by individuals who want to support their fellow human beings who face struggles and seek support for a better life.

Our Foundation strives to provide free healthcare and education to children in need, eradicate poverty, and support the elderly and veteran community. Additionally, the foundation works hard to create sustainable communities for the needy by providing them housing and healthcare.

As a nonprofit organization, we advocate social change by supporting oppressed people. By mobilizing volunteers, we aim to end the cycle of poverty through education and empowerment. To help people out of poverty, we offer job training and job opportunities. More than thousands of families have benefited from our initiatives since its launch. We have also been able to provide healthcare and education for hundreds of children.

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