Our Projects

Our humanitarian services cover education, heath, medicines, food supplies, and housing to the needy


Our organization offers resources to children who are underprivileged. To help these children, we believe they should be equipped with the skills necessary to become independent and successful. During their formative years, they need a safe environment, access to education, financial resources, and emotional support. Through the SBL Human Foundation, we aim to help children all over the world by providing them with the needed resources and funds. We take care of the nutritional needs of the needy children, medical care and protection and ensure that they stay safe during disasters like COVID-19. In cases where food and protective equipment are required, we make sure that the children have access to them.


In our efforts to help children who need it most, we strive to provide them with mentoring and education.
We strive to provide quality education for free. The importance of education cannot be overstated. Lack of access to education affects the future of the children and leaves them unable to improve their lives. We provide scholarship to eligible children and support their higher education.
Our organization also offers vocational training to children and youth. A vocational training program prepares students for a particular occupation or trade, usually through obtaining a certificate, diploma or degree. It assures them that they have the necessary education to pursue their profession successfully.

Poverty Alleviation

As an NGO devoted to alleviating poverty, we provide health care, education, and livelihoods, and promote access to the essentials of life through well-planned and integrated programs. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for the poor and marginalized.
Poverty occurs not only due to scarcity of money, but also due to a lack of access to healthcare, education, and economic opportunities. Our comprehensive poverty alleviation project provides people with access to clean water, health care, education, and livelihoods.
We work with local organizations to find solutions that are best for the communities we serve. Among our goals are reducing poverty, fighting climate change, respecting human dignity, and protecting rights.
As a part of disaster response, we provide food and PPE kits to the needy during catastrophes such as COVID-19. Our company builds houses for the needy. We are here for those who have lost their homes in a natural disaster.

Veteran and Elderly Support

We are a non-profit organization that takes care of the elderly and veterans. Our main responsibility is to provide a home for the homeless elderly. We are raising funds to build old age homes that will allow elderly people to enjoy their old age with no worries about loneliness.
Our aim is to provide resources to disadvantaged elderly people around the world in conjunction with our partners. We are dedicated to building a dignified life for the elderly and veteran by providing them with safe and secure old age homes. It is important for our elderly to live comfortably and lead a fulfilling life. Therefore, we are building them new comfortable homes so that they can spend their last years comfortably.